I have hit rock bottom not once, but twice in my life and at the age of 42 the second time will be my last. I have learned that having everything truly is nothing and that having nothing truly…means everything. I say this because, having nothing has taught me to finally shut the fudge up and listen to those & everything around me; family, friends, pets, the earth and finally my inner soul.

My goals for this blog is that you find it inspiring and hopefully not get offended with my occasional f-bombs. I promise that I am full of fire, passion, soul and good intentions. I will share with you my crazy adventures with family, my girls, my pets and everyone I meet! I love to travel, learning about photography, love to bake and passionately learning how to fly a small single engine airplane. In addition to all these hobbies, I am also on a personal journey and quest for both a healthy mind and body. I promise I will keep it interesting and fun! So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy!