Personal Life Project Plan…

never-to-lateIf you have read some of my blog posts you may already know that I am on a personal journey for many things in life. Positive things. The last 9 months have been tormentous, emotionally draining, scary, uplifting and finally eye opening. Although I finally see the light at the end of the “tunnel” there is still much work needed and done. This month I had embarked on a personal journey to plan out goals along with key milestones for my life both daily and long-term. I realized that I seriously needed to Project Manage my life and create a personal project life plan. But as we all may experience life itself is not all peachy and just like a real life business plan,  my personal plan *cough* life… continues to grow with both milestones and much unwanted scope creep.

I am also absolutely aware that there are still many aspects of my life which I absolutely need to “unfuck” and my finances is one of them. Having extremely limited savings has been both a blessing and a curse as I am finally once again learning how to budget, and I mean really fucking budget.  But this post is not about my financial situation,  right now I want to share on how in my opinion we should look into truly building our personal life project plan. I mean truly sitting down, write a list on paper or whatever and write both the fucked up and great things you have going on right now! Nothing fancy, truly elementary but actually sit down and just do it! Then I want you to read it, not once, not twice but three times, ponder on this list, close your eyes and just breathe. Did you cry, scream, laugh, throw yourself on the floor…or all of the above? Get up, breathe and write all that shit, feelings and emotions which just overwhelmed you right now! We have all been here and it’s time to do something about it. So grab a paper, pencil, jam some tunes and get started.

img_0006After I got my ass up from the floor, I started writing on my own list and on this list I wrote down the following; my recent failed past relationship, unhappy at my former job, broke, sense of lost hope, depression, anxiety, failed ventures and finally feeling totally alone. It seemed like an endless list of doom and gloom not realizing after I wrote my list that I was completely ignoring what I had in front of me and what I had accomplished in the last year, for example; my loving daughters, my Mom, my Brothers, supportive friends, loving pets, passion, drive, wit, good heart, I had an airplane, I had a sailboat, I flew and sailed them. I have met amazing people who have been there for me through thick and and my many and utter freaking breaking thin points. I love deeply, I have talent, I make people laugh, I make people smile, I am not greedy, I am honest, I have empathy, I help as many as I can and I am not done yet.  This, this is what matters and guess what this is nothing new, we as humans have many and more of these traits, but we let our fears and suck ass negative thoughts sabotage our unique greatness. And guess what WE are the only ones that can truly make a change, that’s it. Sorry if this is not news, but it’s true. WE AND ONLY OURSELVES CAN WE MAKE OUR LIVES GREAT.  And one more thing folks it truly is never too late.

But first! Make a personal project plan, trust me it works. Start by summarizing 3-5 simple daily tasks which need to be done daily, WARNING try to keep these to 3-5 tasks daily. Your daily tasks can be simple as going grocery shopping, paying bills, taking your pet on a walk or making sure you take time for you pour a glass of wine and soak in the tub for 30 mins! Second, summarize your short-term tasks which can be done within 30 days, then move to 60 days and finally 90 days. Short-term tasks can be an online class or a physical fit challenge, if you have a hobby that you are good at and want to get back into it this is where you would fit these into your personal project plan. Finally summarize your long-term goals, but limit them from six months to one year! Anything longer than a year DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! Long-term goals can be inline with going on vacation, buying a new car, saving X amount of money or like me prepping for volunteering in the Peace Corps! The key is to start and keep at it like you would feed yourself food to feed your body. Think of this as a method to feed your spirit and soul and all it takes is motivation, a pen and a piece of paper.

For me, I got 3 Composition Notebooks; Daily Tasks, Short-Term Tasks, Long-Term Tasks along with a Desk Calendar and a dry erase board. These are relatively inexpensive and great to keep track and start with. You can also purchase a personal planner for each of the stages or if you want to truly get technical there are several tools online which are free and super easy to use here are some examples fom an article I read on . But for now, I recommend start on paper and if you like you can use an online software when you are ready. A month ago I began with paper but plan on moving all of my content digitally to , it is a super easy program which I have used in my past work business projects and looks pretty. Once completed, I will follow up with a tutorial on how I will use Asana for everyday tasks via this blog. In addition to the link here is a quick snapshot of what my Asana draft looks like!


Again, you do not need to start with software and again you can start simple with just a pencil and pen. The goal is that to get you motivated to finally sit down and write down your plan and eventually put it into motion. The goal is to realize where you are and where you want to be. You can only make the positive changes in your life and really put your foot down on what is stopping your greatness. It’s time to get up and Bitch Slap your life and start your Personal Life Plan!









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