Good Vibrations.

Not sure what may be happening and how but I will express that I am absolutely grateful. At the beginning of this week I had all intentions to work on my motivation and not loose myself to stress and doubt. But by mid-week things sort of began to collapse and I realized that I was being challenged emotionally and physically. I let my mind begin to drown in my thoughts on all that needed to be done and the past which hopefully after posting this will no longer haunt me.  My intentions for this blog is many, but mostly it will be a form of therapy, an education learning experience and a much needed boost of confidence.  I truly meant it when I said that I was missing my “Inner-Bitch” and that bitch is the good kind. The kind that is strong, not afraid, adventurous, intelligent, courageous but with the platform of kindness and empathy of others. I realized that I needed to put on my PM hat re-plan my life and begin my own personal and life project plan. 

badass-coverI decided it was time to snap out of my mid-week funk and fucking focus! I hunkered down on my desk, created a list of meaningful things to do, brushed up my resume, signed up for two certifications and finally ditched the sappy boring crime book which I was so desperately was trying to finish. I then replaced the sappy boring crime book with a motivational read and one which I wished was reading sooner,  You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. Holy shit – this is an amazing book and since I started reading it my attitude, confidence and goals have done a triple wake up call.  So far the book is a simple and down to earth read where the author explains in plain text that well, we all fuck up and we are the only ones that can do what it takes to unfuck our lives. I mean, yes it is nothing new right, but with Jen’s writing style it resonated with me as she did not overflow the book with a bunch of bullshit jargon and or complicated theories on how and what we can do to make our lives better. And for me this works.

So far the book is a simple and down to earth read where the author explains in plain text that well…we all fuck up and we are the only ones that can do what it takes to unfuck our lives. – Annie

In the past I have tried to read books which focus on self help and motivation but many were so psychologically complex and full of complicated terminology (with all due respect as I am a HUGE fan of psychology) that I could not read them. Shit, after the last 8 months in my life I was feeling emotionally exhausted and so depressed where I could not focus to even read a software book. In the days I have read this book I have noticed a change of attitude in myself and I feel my enthusiasm and confidence return to finally get things going and finally get back on track in my life. One of the most influential quotes from the book is when the arthur explains that;

“The Universe will match whatever vibration you put out. And you can’t fool The Universe” – Jenn Sincero, You are a Badass 

img_1745It was like WOAH, she is right! Again, nothing new but it is the truth. I realized that I was being so shitty with my negative vibration, that the output of what was happening around me, well reflected shit because of this. I am just so happy to share that I do not need and no longer want negative vibrations.  I want to travel, volunteer, help others, teach, learn photography, improve my health, make better financial decisions but above ALL be happy for me so that I can be the best supportive Mother to my young adult daughters. It is time to face my fears and quit telling myself that I will never be able to accomplish my life goals or that because of my current situation I will never be able to do anything meaningful. While reading this book, it helps me remember the days of feeling empowered as a woman and as a Project Manager, again that sweet but kickass PM who was respected and appreciated because I not only worked hard, but actually fixed shit, helped, motivated and made others happy. It’s time that kickass PM made things happen for herself, so that she once again truly help others. I highly recommend for you to grab this book, it’s a great motivational read and will definitely jump start your good vibrations if you are feeling down. Enjoy!




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