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Power of Positivity, Please Pick Me Up.

power-of-positivityHi Guys…

One of my goals with the blog is to also share small posts geared towards some of my favorite things and also things that keep me going. Such as inspirational quotes and memes which in my opinion are heaven sent. I thank Pinterest for helping me plaster these all over my Pinterest boards and today, I feel compelled to share one of my most recent finds.

If you have not heard or seen The Power of Positivity, you need to do so! This Asheville, NC based broadcasting and media company can be seen all throughout FB or Pinterest sharing all kinds of amazing quotes, photos and memes for all of us to read and share. Their good use of social media and or the web gets my vote, for building a company with a mission statement and purpose to inspire positive thinking and energy to all those who read it. This is why I highly recommend and encourage you to follow The Power of Positivity on FB or Pinterest.

During one of my Pinterest browsing sessions and needing a little pick me up, I ran across this photo. The photo above truly hit me and resonated with me since I did make the decision to walk away from no longer feeling unwanted. I completely understand that walking away from any relationship can be extremely hard, believe me I do. It’s been seven months after ending a three year relationship with my ex and it still feels just as horrible as the day I left. I am still in pain and struggling in trying to get past all that happened between us and trying not to think of a “what if” knowing that our relationship was not right for either of us. No blame, no judgement, no name calling – I know I need to continue to move forward and get past this. I need to quit denying to myself that walking away was the right choice. Even as hard as it is to not feel alone and continue to long for him, I will never forget how painful it is to remember both the pain and his words. When one experiences loss and or the realization of not truly being loved it tends to be a big slap on the face. I do not think one can ever forget the shock, when the person who you loved for so long not only shows you, but also tells you that they do not care for you. So it becomes simple as the realization sinks and you realize there is no fixing this, ever. Which is why you must walk away and finally learn to love yourself first.




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